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Wine Tours

Wine Tasting Tips.....

  • Pace yourself. You don't have to taste everything in one day. In fact, it's impossible - and foolish.
  • Most tasting rooms provide dump buckets to pour excess wine from your glass. Use them.
  • Many wine professionals swallow only minute amounts when they are tasting several wines at one sitting. Wine can be fairly evaluated even after one spits most of a small sampling into a dump bucket. Spitting may not be pretty, but try it anyway. People may think you're a connoisseur (unless you dribble red wine down your shirt).
  • Keep an open mind. And remember to use your eyes to check the wine's color and clarity, your nose to evaluate aroma, your sense of taste to check the flavor and finish, and your sense of touch to consider mouth-feel and texture. 


Wine Tasting Tour (9 Hours) 
Spend a day tasting fine wines at some of California's very best Central Coast wineries with transportation provided by The Limousine Scene.  Your nine hour day includes a complimentary bottle of champagne, a stocked bar including soft drinks. Your trip includes five hours of wine tasting at four of California 's finest wineries. A few of the wineries we visit include Tobin James, Eberle, Robert Hall, J. Lohr, Bianchi, Meridian, Croad and Pear Valley. We will also stop at any other winery of your choice in the immediate area subject to time and winery reservations requirements for large groups.  Tasting fees vary from $0.00 to $5.00 and are not included.

8 Passenger Limousine: $801.00*
25 Passenger Limo Bus: $1575.00 
*Add a meat and cheese platter for only $25
* $25.00 fuel service charge will be added to this package.


The Coastal Package (10hour)
The Coastal Package is a ten hour trip which travels to Paso Robles for wine tasting, southbound along the coastline to Pismo Beach where you might enjoy dinner or a walk on the pier and returns through the scenic Highway 166 to Bakersfield. This trip includes a complimentary bar, complimentary soft drinks and a complimentary bottles of champagne. 

8 passengers   $890.00
* $25.00 fuel service charge will be added to this package.


Pismo Beach (8hours)
Upon your arrival in Pismo, you will be dropped off at any place of your choice. We will provide you with a small two-way radio which can be used to summon your driver to take packages to the car, deliver coats or other items to you or to pick you up. You will begin your return trip home six hours after your original departure. Your limousine will be stocked with complimentary soft drinks and champagne.  Pismo by limousine is a great way to arrive refreshed for a dinner at McClintocks or Steamer's. After your meal, sit back in and enjoy the ride home, leaving the driving to your professional chauffeur. If you wish to stay longer, the rate is $89.00 per hour. 

8 passengers  $712.00 
* $25.00 fuel service charge will be added to this package.