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Valet Parking Services
We provide professional valet services for private venues, The Petroleum Club, Seven Oaks Country Club, Bakersfield Country club and other rental facilities such as The Bayou.  Our attendants are professionally attired in formal wear of black pants, white shirts and black ties or in casual summer attire of khaki shorts and white polo shirts, your choice.  We provide Valet Parking signs with directional arrows, barricades, key racks, key tags and two-way radios to facilitate parking.
Each valet job is assigned a manager to work the event from set-up to delivery of the last car and commands a crew appropriate to the number of cars expected.  From 50 cars to 500 cars, we can handle your parking needs.

Valet Parking Service                                                                             $24.00
(Per attendant/hourly)
1 attendant per 20 cars, minimum 2 attendants req’d

On-Site Greeter*                                                                                     $24.00

*Required for all valet parking jobs from start to finish
Limo-Golf Cart Shuttle (Minimum 8 hr. charge per cart/driver)          $450.00
Each additional hour over 8 hours                                                              $35.00
Traffic Management (Hourly/Including basic equipment)                    $24.00