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General Information

Deposit Information
A $50.00 non-refundable deposit is required with reservation. Payment is required in full one week before the date of service and two weeks for all buses and is refundable with 72 hours notice , except for initial deposit. Payment will not be refunded if the cancellation occurs less than 72 hours (1 week for school functions, 2 weeks for buses and ALL Saturday trips) before reservation date.

Minimum Rental Period

We have a four hour minimum on Friday and Saturday for all reservations.  A minimum of one hour is available at all other times.  We have a five hour minimum for proms and formals

Service Charge Added to Total
A 15% service charge is added to all totals.  The service charge allows us to fairly compensate all team members who contribute to your trip including your chauffeur, your reservationist and the detailer who preps your vehicle.  Any gratuity bestowed upon your chauffeur is left strictly to your discretion.

Guaranteed Reservations Only with Deposit
We will not guarantee a reservation without a cash deposit or a $50.00 deposit charged on a major credit card, or for customers who have an established charge account with us.

Minimum Billing Period
The minimum billing period is one half hour.
A grace period of 15 minutes is allowed for trips that exceed the pre-arranged time.
Reservations must be paid in full not later than one week before the date of transportation (bus transportation 2 weeks), unless the customer has established a charge account with us.

Standby Rates on Flight Delays
We will charge $40.00 per hour standby rate if a plane is more than 30 minutes late and we were not contacted prior to departing to the airport to greet you. 

Overnight Fee

An overnight fee of $275.00 (driver room and board) shall be charged for each night a vehicle remains out of town and an additional $200 per day vehicle rental fee will be assessed which does not include use of the vehicle which shall be billed at its normal hourly fee for usage while out of town. If out of town usage exceeds $200 at the normal hourly rate, the $200 fee shall be waived.

- Black vehicles in Bakersfield attract and retain our very hot weather. Please be aware of our warm weather and its effect on the interior climate of vehicles. 


Sedan Service

4 passenger luxury Lincoln Towncars 

Sedan #2   – Mercury Gran Marquis (Beige)
Sedan #3   – Lincoln Towncar (Dark Green)
Sedan #4   - Ford Taurus (Economy)

Hourly rate -     $63.25 (minimum 2 hours)
Extended -   $57.50 per hour after 8.0 hours

Van/SUV Service

12 passenger vans. Up to 8 passengers with luggage.

Hourly rate -   $80.50 (minimum 3 hours)
Extended -   $69.00 per hour after 8.0 hours

Super Stretch

8 passenger limousines - Available in black or white

Includes cassette and CD stereo system, mini bar, TV, mood lighting,
bottled water

Single hour     - $125.00
Two hours      - $200.00
Hourly rate     - $99.00 (3 to 8 hours)
Extended rate - $92.00 (After 8.0 hours)


  25 passenger limo-bus

Includes CD stereo system,laser and strobe light show,DVD player, disco lighting, entertainment pole,
 complementary bottled water. Horseshoe shaped seating.

Single hour    - $287.50
Two hours      - $460.00
Hourly rate     - $195.50 (3 to 12 hours)
Extended rate - $172.50 (12+ hours after 12 hours)
Overnight fee - $275.00 (driver room & board)


27 passenger bus 

Includes CD stereo system, DVD player, traditional forward facing seating.

Single hour    - $287.50
Two hours      - $460.00
Hourly rate     - $195.50 (3 to 12 hours)
Extended rate - $172.50 (12+ hours after 12 hours)
Overnight fee - $275.00 (driver room & board)


55 passenger bus

Includes cassette and CD stereo system, VCR, TV at each seat, mood lighting, restroom and ample luggage room. Complimentary beverage and snack service available upon request (additional fee).

Three hour minimum! Call for a quote!

Runner Service

Includes SUV or 15-passenger van for local production related errands. Also includes coordination services of our dispatcher for special arrangements with food, dry cleaning, VIP services, concierge services, etc.

Single Hour     -  $30.00
Two Hours       -  $55.00
Hourly Rate     -  $25.00 (3 to 8 hours)
Hourly Rate     -  $23.00 (8+ hours)
Overnight Fee - $275.00 (Driver Room & Board)

An on-site coordinator is available for major events to coordinate the arrival and departure of many people. The coordinator works directly with the production manager and is in constant communication with all drivers/vehicles and our dispatcher. Coordinators greet arriving guests and provide direction as well as handle last minute changes, departures and concierge services.

Pre-show only  -   $50.00
Post show only -   $50.00
Pre-Post only    -   $175.00
Entire show       - $200.00

Driver only 

Drives your vehicle    $40.00/hr.

Special Items 
•  Balloon Bouquet                     $18.00 
•  Box lunch (sandwich, chips & cookies)     $18.00 
•  Dozen Roses                            $85.00 
•  Meat & cheese tray                 $40.00 
•  Strawberries & cream             $20.00 
•  Veggie tray with ranch dip     $25.00 
•  Six pack beer                           $18.00 
•  Twelve pack beer                    $35.00